Consulting services

  • provide consulting assistance to owners and managers of enterprises that are registered, as well as existing companies, in determining the optimal tax system;
  • assessment of the intentions of the general partner of the client business;
  • settlement of disputes relating to unfair competition;
  • ensuring financial and economic security of the client;
  • financial and economic management;
  • assisting clients in dealing with issues related to banking activities (assistance in the provision of bank loans and the opening of credit lines);
  • marketing activities;
  • advertising services;
  • securities transactions (in the stock market, transactions in the primary and secondary market purchase and sale of shares of enterprises, corporate bonds, T-bills).

Legal services

Providing all types of law assistance.

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Management consulting

Analysis, documentation, training and the provision of advice.

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Financial and economic analysis

Calculation and analysis of investment and business plans of the enterprise.

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Tax planning

Help on tax accounting and reporting.

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Analysis, management and accounting.

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