Legal services

  • Registration of business entities - individuals;
  • registration of business entities - legal entities of all legal forms (PE, LLC, JSC, insurance companies, funds, securities traders, loggers);
  • the formation of the statutory fund of enterprises;
  • providing theoretical assistance and, if necessary, the selection of leaders and founding stock for enterprises, recorded;
  • Assistance in obtaining licenses and permits of all kinds;
  • provide consulting assistance to owners and managers of enterprises that are registered, as well as existing companies, in determining the optimal tax system;
  • legal accompaniment of economic activity of business entities of all forms of property (subscription service and / or services into the need arises);
  • judicial settlement of conflicts which may arise in relations with contractors, law enforcement and regulatory agencies (including an analytical assessment of positive possibilities for the customer solve the problem);
  • increase and decrease of the authorized capital of business entities of all forms of ownership;
  • Check in the bodies of state power and administration of any changes in the constituent documents, and changes in the management of business entities;
  • liquidation of business entities of all forms of ownership with the full withdrawal of primary documents, the liquidation of a tax audit without the involvement of the customer;
  • verification of compliance with applicable laws and the economic interests of the client's internal documents of the customer assistance in the preparation, design and testing of these documents;
  • assistance in the preparation and conclusion of contracts with contractors;
  • work with claims, representation of clients in courts, commercial courts and other government agencies and departments;
  • обжалование решений, принятых по актам государственной налоговой инспекции в хозяйственных судах;
  • advice on legal issues that arise or may arise in the course of the client's business;
  • provide methodological assistance on compensation receivables / payables budget debt;
  • informing the customer about the changes in the current legislation, including the expected mode "ON-LINE";
  • design documentation:
    • unauthorized construction;
    • new construction;
    • reconstruction;
    • restoration;
    • redevelopment of premises;
  • obtain baseline data for the design of real estate;
  • adoption of the completed construction projects;
  • putting into operation of private houses farmsteads, cottages and houses, construction without a permit for construction work;
  • permission for construction works and a permit for construction work;
  • a certificate of ownership of real property.

Management consulting

Analysis, documentation, training and the provision of advice.

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Consulting services

Provide consulting assistance to the executive staff of enterprises.

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Financial and economic analysis

Calculation and analysis of investment and business plans of the enterprise.

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Tax planning

Help on tax accounting and reporting.

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Analysis, management and accounting.

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